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Wahawk Baseball Facilities

Waterloo West High School Baseball Facilities

The Wahawk Baseball Facility

The facility is located on the West side of the Waterloo West High School Campus, at the corner of Acadia Street and Gray Street. Click Here for a Map, showing the field location.



Baseball Facility Info

  • Field Dimensions - 330 ft (LF & RF); 375 ft (CF)
  • Entrance - On Gray St. (Next to Kimball Ridge parking Lot). A 2nd entrance is added for large events, and is located beyond the Left Field Fence along Gray St.
  • Parking - Parking is available in the Kimball Ridge Center Parking Lot (West of Field), along Acadia and Gray Streets, and East of the Field (Waterloo West High School Parking Lot located beyond Right Field Fence).
  • Restrooms - Down 3rd Base Line (past Left Field Fence)
  • Concession Stand - Next to bleachers behind Homeplate

In 200X, the field was named the Danny VanSyoc Field, in honor of the former Wahawk Baseball player, who succumed to Cancer in 200X. Danny was elected to the Wahawk Athletics Hall of Fame, and was named to the Iowa All-State Baseball Team in 1991.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the baseball facilities, please email us.