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Athletic Dept. Info

Welcome to the Athletic Department Information Section

Dr. Anthony Pappas

Dr. Anthony Pappas

Athletic Director

Phone: 319-433-2708

Keri Hudson

Keri Hudson

Athletic Secretary

Phone: 319-433-2707

Jeff Conrey

Jeff Conrey Webmaster

Phone: (319) 404-0495

2017-2018 Athletic Forms

These two forms must be signed annually by parents/guardians and their student(s) in Grades 7-12 before the student(s) can participate in Interscholastic Athletics, Cheerleading & Dance.

West High School 2017- 2018 Coaching Staff


Andrew Meister - Head Coach
Matt Metcalf
Eric Harbaugh
Tyler Morehead
Ryan Hunter
Gene Gonzales

Boys Basketball

Cliff Berinobis - Head Coach
Cole Cook

Girls Basketball

Dr. Anthony Pappas - Head Coach
Katie LeClere
Kellap Grant
Leilana Kruchek
A.J. Cassidy


Todd Bracken - Head Coach
Ken Ruddy


(OPEN) - Head Coach

Boys Cross Country

Joe Malsam - Head Coach

Girls Cross Country

Loren Thalacker - Head Coach
Shannon Brauer


(OPEN) - Head Coach


Lonnie Moore - Head Coach
Eric Harbaugh
DeAngelo Newman
Andrew Robinson
Joe Kadlec
Matt Grimm
Nick Roe
Dave Milder
Steward Rickert

Boys Golf

Josh Barta - Head Coach
Mike Penning

Girls Golf

Kelly Nelson - Head Coach


Brian Cook - Head Coach

Boys Soccer

Mike Penning - Head Coach
Trent Duniven
Brian Guetzlaff

Girls Soccer

Ross Jones - Head Coach
Andrew Bierl


Ashley Reimer - Head Coach
Cari Lee
Sammie Allison-Rodriguez
Trisha Ganfield

Boys Swimming

Virgil Haley - Head Coach
Jeff Kamp

Girls Swimming

Jeff Kamp - Head Coach
Ryan Paulson

Boys Tennis

John Aldrich - Head Coach

Girls Tennis

Brenton Kuchera - Head Coach
Slavica Sabic

Boys Track

Matt Mostek - Head Coach
Jason Essman
Aaron Reinhart
Nickolas Casillas

Girls Track

Joe Malsam - Head Coach
Shannon Brauer


Chad Erhardt - Head Coach
Mike Barret


Malcolm Cleope - Head Coach
Cari Lee
Kaylene Orr
Sarah Saladino
Slavica Sabic


Alex Dolly - Head Coach
Ryan Matherly
Joe Kadlec

Weight Coach

Ben Thoma - Head Coach

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